Oil Paintings by Elyse Gerard

Landscapes, still lifes and portraits by commission or inspiration
All paintings are priced with frame and can be delivered at buyer's cost to anywhere in the continental United States.
  1. Crossing the Greenbrier
    Crossing the Greenbrier
    12"x16" Oil on mounted canvas $2,700
  2. Winter Barn at Dawn
    Winter Barn at Dawn
    16"x20" Oil on linen $4,400
  3. Walk to the Cabin
    Walk to the Cabin
    8"x10" Oil on linen $1,900
  4. Cottswold Sheep
    Cottswold Sheep
    18"x24" Oil on canvas $5,500
  5. Evening Field
    Evening Field
    9"x12" Oil on canvas $2,300
  6. Farm at Night Fall
    Farm at Night Fall
    18"x24" Oil on canvas $9,500
  7. Water Lilies at Noon
    Water Lilies at Noon
    12"x24" Oil on mounted linen $3,800
  8. Angus Wading
    Angus Wading
    12"x24" Oil on mounted linen $3,800
  9. Winning Prospects
    Winning Prospects
    16"x20" Oil on linen $4,400
  10. King Charles
    King Charles
    8"x10" Oil on canvas $1,600
  11. Still Life with Pewter
    Still Life with Pewter
    22"x28" Oil on Canvas $6,400
  12. Tahallam (She Dreams)
    Tahallam (She Dreams)
    24"x36" Oil on canvas $7,200
  13. The Greenbrier IV
    The Greenbrier IV
    30"x40" Oil on linen $10,400
  14. Al's Pond
    Al's Pond
    24"x36" Oil on mounted linen $7,200
  15. A Pear
    A Pear
    8"x10" Oil on mounted linen $1,600
  16. Onion
    8"x8" Oil on mounted linen $1,100
  17. Three Pears
    Three Pears
    6"x8" Oil on mounted linen $1,100
  1. Horse
    12'x12" Oil on mounted linen $2,800
  2. Andalusian Horse
    Andalusian Horse
    11"x14" Oil on linen $2,900
  3. Indian Summer
    Indian Summer
    9"x12" Oil on canvas $2,100
  4. Shanon & Kingdom of the Sun
    Shanon & Kingdom of the Sun
    9"x12" Oil on canvas $2,300
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